Comfy and On Fleek: Lazy Day Fashion Tips

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It’s your lazy day. You’re tired, stressed out, and you have so much more to do. You woke up late, and because you haven’t had time to get your laundry done this week, you’ll have to “wing it” with today’s ensemble. You roam around your bedroom, and pick up the first few pieces you find laying around. You’re not too sure at all about your ensemble, but at this point, you have no choice. “Ah, screw it”, you say to yourself, as you proceed to grab your purse and jet out the door.  You reach your destination, and to your surprise, you are overwhelmed with compliments. Practically in tears, you respond with  “OMG seriously?! Thank you so much. I don’t feel cute at all today. I mean..I literally just threw this on because I woke up late..”
Sound familiar? Of course it does! Some of my friends would say that this girl is me (giggles), yet I find that girl to represent them as well. What I love about fashion is the authenticity that can be found in the individual styles of others, and this is what I want ALL OF YOU to embrace as well. If you’re a trendy individual who struggles with ensemble inspiration on your lazy days, allow me to introduce you to my Lazy Day Fashion Tips.
Lazy Day Tip #1
Don’t overthink it. Nine times out of ten, you don’t look as hideous as you feel.
Lazy Day Tip #2
Go for the comfort. There is a way to mesh comfort with class, style, and edge, so don’t be afraid to go all in.
Lazy Day Tip #3
When in doubt, color pop! This goes for lipsticks, nail polish, and accessories of any sort. If you feel like your ensemble is a little too “plain”, but you love the lazy feel, spruce it up with bold accessories that will take away the simplicity.
Lazy Day Tip #4
I hope these helped. Ensemble deets below!