For many are called but few are chosen.” – Matthew 22:14

What is the “Chosen Life” and what does it consist of? I’ve always questioned that; as a child, as a teenager, and even now, as an adult.

“God, why did YOU choose ME? What on earth can I do? God, I am extremely flawed. Are you sure You want ME? Lord, I am worn down,  there are spiritual band-aids all over my body, and I don’t even know all of the word as much as I should! What can YOU possibly do with someone like me?

If you’ve asked these questions, or anything along the lines of these questions, then welcome to the family my friend. You are definitely a part of the “Chosen Life.”

What is the “Chosen Life?” I’d like to say that it’s a lifestyle that God calls us to live for Him that completely aligns with His will and no one else’s–not even our own will. Although the “Chosen Life” can be mysterious and complex in nature, something we can all comprehend well is the fact that God has planted a special seed within us that only WE can bring out. This “seed” is our purpose. I sound like a mix of Shakespeare and Webster, don’t I?! Ha! But on a serious note, I literally just gave you my personal perception, but I am sure that you all can relate.

While at times, I feel special knowing that God sees something in ME and only ME and wants to use me for His glory, at times I am also quite frustrated with this “Chosen Life.” I’m going to give you the real spill, as I believe in keeping it nothing less than 100. Sometimes, the “Chosen Life” sucks.

Sometimes, you may not want to do God’s will. Sometimes,  God will say go left, and you’ll purposely go right just because you felt like it. Sometimes you’ll want to stay in the loop of the world so you won’t be seen as the one who is “too good” and “can’t have fun.” Sometimes, you’ll even find yourself running away from the ministry He has for you, just because you aren’t ready to accept the fact that you’ve been called. Sometimes, you’ll feel scared. Sometimes, it will feel like too much pressure. Sometimes, you’ll even ask yourself “Am I crazy? God didn’t really call ME, did He?”

Ohhh, but when you embrace the calling?! That’s when the real games begin! You’ll grow weary. Your faith will be tested. Messages that you’ve spread via ministry, or an inspirational conversation with a friend, will become key messages for you to live by and then your OWN words will serve as testers just to see how far your faith stretches. Things will happen back to back to back, and you won’t understand why. You’ll suffer. You’ll go through periods of loneliness, separation, misunderstanding, and chaos. When times get tough, you just may get angry! And when temptation hits, the urge to resort back to your old ways will hound you!

But, my friends. Every journey has its purpose.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

God has His reasons for everything, and a part of the “Chosen Life” entails accepting His plans even when they don’t seem to make sense. I shared the real spill with you not to discourage or intimidate you in your journey as a chosen child, but to encourage you and let you know that I can relate to everything you feel. You aren’t wrong for having these questions, and God definitely respects the validity of your feelings. These trials will not last for long, and the beautiful thing about the “Chosen Life” is that everything you go through will serve as a glorious testimony later in life.

Right in the midst of whatever you are facing, God is preparing You to be used for His great work.

So, my friend, when you feel low and frustrated and begin to question God for wanting you, remind yourself of the value that you hold, simply because He planted something special in you! It may take some time to accept the calling if you have not already done so, but in due time, your obedience will definitely be rewarded.

Hold on! I love you. God loves you even more!