I’ve been on my “personal-fulfillment” journey  for some time now and I can’t lie. I’ve been feeling myself. From creating vision boards, to talking openly with my mentor, to simply exploring new things, I have been very happy. Nothing in life is perfect, but when you begin to work on yourself, you’ll feel a sense of ease that allows you to find perfection in even the most flawed things. (No, wait. Let me not get TOO deep, because I will never ever find beauty in a cockroach or waterbug.) But anyways, I want to share some tips with you that have been daily doses for me in my pursuit of personal fulfillment. I hope they help you as you embark on (or continue) your journey and I wish you the most rewarding experiences ever.

1.  Let Go.

Whatever it is; whoever they are, let go. The bad habits; the leeches that are no good for you; the worries that haunt you; the doubt that flusters you; the people that want to keep you from succeeding; the situations that make you feel like you’re being held back; let them all go. Life is too short to be wasting energy on things and people that add no value to your life. They served their purposes, now let them go. Don’t kiss them goodbye; don’t throw a “going away” party. Just let them go.

2. Don’t Settle.

If you’re unhappy, only YOU can fix that. If you’re dissatisfied on your job, there are tons of other ways to make money so hop on google, get some resumes out, and start drafting that resignation letter. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, be honest with yourself (and your partner) and allow your intuition to lead you. Either end it peacefully, or pray to God that you’ll be dumped. (Sounds crazy, but prayer works for everything!) If you’re unhappy with your life period, take a moment to meditate and regroup. Think about the things you want to accomplish for you. Stop focusing on everyone else’s goals and expectations for you and focus on the desires of your own heart.

3. Be Grateful Even When Your Heart Can’t Stand To.

The best part about this is “Even When Your Heart Can’t Stand To.” It’s a harsh truth that we all face. Sometimes I find myself so frustrated with things in my life that I literally have to force myself into a spirit of gratitude. It’s okay. We all do. Someone wants to be where you are right now, whether you believe it or not. As much as you’re tempted to focus on everything that’s going wrong, don’t. Step outside of yourself and remember that every purpose comes with a challenge. So you know what that means? You’re already on your way to becoming great because someday, your down moments will be testimonies for you to share with someone else.

4. Be Spontaneous and Do Crazy Things.

You’re in your prime. You’re single. You’re an eligible bachelor/bachelorette and your energy is on an all-time high. Yup. Why not? You have one life to live and it is all yours. Swing on a pole or two; blow a kiss at the bartender; enjoy a drunk, liberating piss; go skinny dipping. Hell, whatever puts the icing on the cake for you, have at it. As a matter of fact, have your cake and eat it too! Now, I am not telling you to go around behaving like a hot thottie. However, if that’s what you choose to do, then by all means. (I am casting no stones your way, sugar. Just please be careful!) In being spontaneous and adventurous, you’d have so many incredible memories to look back on in your late years and you won’t be sitting on your death bed in a pool of regrets.

5. Get Uncomfortable.

Are you boring? Yup. You probably are because for the past few years, you’ve been doing the same thing every single day at the same damn time. I know: you feel more comfortable doing certain things because you’re used to them and to step into a whole ‘nother realm frightens you. You’re stuck in your ways and I get that. I really do. But guess what? I was once there until the day I decided that I didn’t want to live a basic life. I wanted exploration; something new; something unique that would not only expose me to another dimension of this beautiful world, but help me to get accustomed to trying new things. I was uncomfortable then and I still am today. But I feel absolutely amazing. This can be the best time of your life. Are you basic? Get uncomfortable!

6. Don’t Panic.

In the words of Mr. French Montana, “we just gettin’ started n**** don’t panic!” But seriously……chill. I love these two simple words and apply them to every aspect of my life. Being chill is one of the best ways to be because you have no expectations or concerns. Why panic and freak out over the unknown? A perfect example? Dating and crushing! Mmmmhmmm..yup ladies; we drive ourselves into full cardiac arrest when it comes to dating. But let’s save ourselves some anxiety, crooked necks, and sleepless nights of Instagram lurking (you know you do it). Let’s look at things this way: I may not know how my eye candy completely feels about me at this moment, but do I panic? Hell no. Should I give a damn? Not really. If I carry myself accordingly, he’ll stick around because he knows he can’t resist this anyways. But Lord, if he happens to stray, keep him there because that just means he wasn’t equipped to handle this anyways! Shoooooot. 

Hope this helps someone!


Brittany Sha’Vonne