I am so in love with the feminist movements that have been occurring lately. From the shameless wardrobes, to the freeing nudity, to the unapologetic behavior, and even the peculiar, racy twists on “individuality,” I have become both intrigued and inspired.

Now, before I proceed: let me say this. I do not hate men. I do not believe in the “inferior vs. inferior” concept; and I do not support “all things raunchy.” However, I do love being a woman, so any movement that feeds into the passion of self love, care, and confidence, and respect… of, by, and for women, is alright with me.

Women have a purpose on earth that lies beyond the stereotypical aspects of cleaning, cooking, nurturing, and teaching. (Or in modern day terms, being trophy wives with no backbones and advanced degrees in plastic surgery.) Women are powerful. Women are queens, and as quiet as it’s kept…. we do, indeed, run the world. (Word to Beyoncé.)

Ladies, this is OUR TIME. If you have gone through the worst of the worst and lost a piece of yourself in the midst of your storm, please know that you are not alone. I feel you. We all feel you, and now, it’s time to pick up the pieces. In order for us to do better and obtain better for ourselves, a few things within us need to die first before we can truly start to live:

1. Downplaying our “I’m so freakin’ beautiful” monologues just so society doesn’t label us as “stuck up”..That’s dead. 
2. Settling for less because we are too lazy to work hard for what our hearts REALLY desire…That’s dead. 

3. Following in someone else’s footsteps instead of creating our own path…That’s dead. 

4. Limiting our potential so we don’t appear as threats to those who aren’t on the same page as us….That’s dead.

5. Giving a damn too much about what other people think…about how we look, how we dress, and how we act, period…That’s dead.

6. Hiding our true feelings because we’re afraid to offend or upset someone…That’s dead.

7. Giving the “f*** boys” more chances than the gentlemen who are dying to treat us like royalty….That’s dead.  

8. Holding onto fake friends just because we’ve “known them for a long time”…That’s dead.

9. Giving up on our dreams…That’s dead.

10. Seeking validation from everyone and everything but failing to find validation in God…that’s dead.