Hi there! My name is Brittany Sha’Vonne and I am a free-spirited writer from Los Angeles, CA. My polygamous lovers are fashion and coffee, and my guilty pleasures are bold lipsticks, edgy prints, luxury fragrances, and the color PINK. My wardrobe is eclectic and elegant, and I draw inspiration from style icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Christian Siriano, Solange, Vera Wang, and Zac Posen.

How did I begin? I was a senior at Hampton University, and I had just began the capstone course that all communications majors had to complete before graduating. Students were required to present a project that positively addressed a social issue before a panel of professors.  I chose to start a blog to address a lack of complete acceptance in the full-figured community. My goal was to empower and inspire curvy women worldwide. The goal was met, and when Dr. Whitaker-Heck saw my blog, she encouraged me to keep it up; and so I did!

Here I am years later, still writing, branding myself, and using this platform to help inspire others through my passion. What started off as a graduation assignment turned out to be one of the greatest projects I’ve ever worked on.

I pray that your passion encourages you to start a social movement, and I pray that you, too, can touch someone’s life. Thank you for stopping by!



Photo Credit | Michael Mitchell